An example of optimization under every aspect

In this article we are going to closely see the TCL Dynamic Super 200, an offset flail mower by TIERRE GROUP Srl that features all the innovative elements patented by the Paduan manufacturer.

A shredder that perfectly fits the market thanks, firstly, to the cutting width of 200 cm, secondly, to the possibility of operating in a variable position, both with respect to the longitudinal axis and the plane of movement of the tractor.

It is a machine specially designed to work on roadsides and along the banks of roads or canals.

However the TCL Dynamic Super 200 can also be used as a stalk chopper, that can cut grass, shoots and brambles, operating in a completely retracted position behind the tractor.

The ideal combination requires a tractor with at least 80 HP of power for 540 rpm of the PTO.

In case of tractors of higher power, productivity is significantly increased thanks to the adaptive geometry (international patent by TIERRE) and the structure, which is designed to withstand demanding elements and materials.

The double shell gives a longer duration even when the shredder is working in soils with a strong presence of foreign elements, with very hard vegetation and with large log diameters.

The reinforced anti-deformation sides counteract the vectors that tend to stress the structure of the machine. Over time, they could give problems in the functioning of the rotor, undermining the functionality of the whole shredder.

The lateral support skids permit to adjust the working height of the rotor according to the type of terrain on which the mower is working and to the kind of work that has to be done.


The rotor is activated by four toothed belts which increase reliability during very demanding jobs giving a better distribution of efforts.

The TCL Dynamic Super 200 has an operating weight of 752kg requiring a three-point 3 category rear linkage.

The pantograph mechanism allows you to reach, on the right side, up to a distance of 3,172 mm, always  with respect to the longitudinal axis of the tractor.

Even in case of an heavy duty tractor such as the New Holland T6-175, it is possible to efficiently operate along the road sides or along the banks of small canals without need to work with the wheels on the edge.

Another essential element is the joint for self-leveling to the type of ground in which you are working. It allows you to always have the rotor in the best working position.

The roller support is equipped with an adjustable roller scraper. It has a diameter of 197 mm and it optimizes the final result helping the uniform spreading of the shredded biomass.


Moreover TCL Dynamic Super 200 includes shock absorbers that reduce the stresses induced on the tractor and therefore, preserve the integrity and durability of the machine.

Thanks to oil/nitrogen shock absorbers you can easily follow the profile of the ground, in this way you will be more efficient and productive.

dettaglio tcl dynamic.png

The double shell (HARDOX inside shell)  allows you to work even in terrains where there could be foreign elements, for example along the edges of the roads.

Multi-aggressive rotor with tools designed for biomass


Balance and dynamic movement are two key factors for a forage harvester.

TIERRE adopts electronically balancing and double oscillating ball bearings for its rotors. These are two constructive measures that permits a fluid and effective motion, in order to operate even with tough vegetation.

The diameter of the rotor is 127 mm and it is possible to have it both in standard configuration and in multi-aggressive configuration.

What is it about?

The main difference is the number of cutting tools placed on the rotor.

The classic rotor features 24 tools with a cutting width of 120 mm.

The multi-aggressive rotor features 40 tools with a cutting width of 85 mm.

The higher number of tools ensures an excellent coverage of cutting elements.

The right distribution of weight on the rotor permits a more linear operation of the shredder, and moreover, a greater working efficiency of the cutting tools.

Tools that have been designed with a specific shape to optimize the chopping of biomass.

The tools are characterized by a shape in which the cut takes place both horizontally and vertically, for this reasons they are patented, as well as the adaptive geometry chamber and the anti-clogging wheel.

The disruptive action of these hammers is much higher than the classic "Y" -shaped tools that you are normally used to with a shredder of this type.

To facilitate the action of the rotor, the presence of the anti-clogging wheel is essential. It allows you to uniformly adjust the access of biomass to the cutting chamber.

When volumes are very high, the anti-clogging wheel regulates the flows and ensures that shredding takes place regularly, avoiding jams and always keeping productivity under control.

tcl dynamic super 200.png

The working and transport configuration of the TCL Dynamic Super 200 make the mulcher able to adapt to very different situations, increasing its versatility.